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Is it true that some people are destined to be great?

Is it true that some people are destined to be great? March 31, 2022

Your Outcome is Your Choice

It is not true that some people are destined to be great while some are destined to fail. Some people talk about destiny as though their lives have been predetermined by some external forces, and that they themselves have no active roles to play in what they become. No one is burn great or born as a mediocre. People may be born into affluence or into lowly backgrounds but how they turn out is essentially a matter of the choices they make as they go through life. A person who is born into a background of mediocrity can choose to thread on that same path and end up as a mediocre or choose the path that leads to a noble end. Likewise, a person who is born into a noble background, can choose the path that leads to greatness or that which leads to mediocrity.
The choices we make affect us more than our family backgrounds. There is no doubt that everyone desires the sunny side of life but many people indirectly choose the dark ends of life by choosing the paths that lead to those ends. What you become is a product of the choices you make either directly or indirectly.

For instance, when a person chooses to be lazy, extravagant and indulge in other attitudes that do not encourage wealth creation, they automatically choose poverty. When a student chooses habits or attitudes that do not support academic excellence, they automatically chose failure.
When a person chooses habits that do not support good health, they indirectly choose ill health. Likewise, when a person chooses a life style that does not support success, personal growth or self-actualization, they automatically choose to limit their own greatness.
We have the right to choose what we want but we may not have the power to change the consequences of our choices. No one is destined to be a mediocre. People choose mediocrity by choosing attitudes, beliefs and lifestyles that culminate in mediocrity.

We all are naturally endowed with great potentials. We can choose to develop them and maximize their application for our own growth and for the advancement of the society or neglect them at our own detriment.
Yes, it is to our own detriment if we neglect our potentials because the society has substitutes for us. Potentials do not reside in one person, what you fail to do for society, someone else will do it.
What you become is your choice. What choices have you made concerning your life and how far you want to go with your abilities? You may have made some wrong choices in the past, and you may have failed to make the right choices but there is a choice that is never too late. The choice to end well is one that is never too late. You can make that important choice today. Life is ordinary for those who are not ambitious enough to choose to be successful or great. How far do you desire to go in life? You need to be ambitious to be successful. Everyone desires the best things in life. Everyone has wishes and dreams but it is not everyone that achieves much out of life because it is not everyone that is ambitious enough. The first step-to self-actualization is to realize that you are meant to reach the peak of your potentials and that you have the right to get there. The easiest way to end at the bottom of life is to think or believe that you are not meant to get to the top.
As a writer, my ambition is not only to write on as many titles as possible in my areas of interest but also to improve my writing skills in such a way that each new book I write is better than the earlier ones until I become one of the best writers in the world. If I were a fashion designer, I would aspire to own a world label. If I were a politician, I would strive to get to the peak of my career.

To be ambitious is not only to choose to achieve much out of life but also to be determined to make that choice a reality. It is not a crime to be determined, only desperation is wrong. To be ambitious means having a strong drive to reach the height that you have the potentials to reach. No single person, family or race has a monopoly of right to the good things of life, including wealth, power and fame. You also have a right to be wealthy, famous and influential irrespective of your family background.
Never believe a lie. No one is destined to fail. People fail due to lack of ambition and well set goals or due to poor knowledge about how to achieve their goals. The size of your dreams and the kind of goals you set are determined by how far you have chosen to go in life.

Do you desire to get to the peak of your potentials? Don’t be afraid. Choose to get there. Dare to be ambitious, do not be afraid to dream big. Your present circumstances may not reflect your true worth or abilities, hence, you will be unfair to yourself, if you limit your dream to your present circumstances.
Many people achieve so little out of life even though they have all it takes to achieve more, just because they are not ambitious enough. I have always been ambitious and it has paid off for me. By the grace of God, I have attained some heights that most women with humble backgrounds as mine would dare not dream of. You need to be ambitious in order to live life above the ordinary.
How far do you really want to go? Remember, it is never too late to dream. One thing I always say to myself, is that, it is better to die with a worthwhile dream than to live without one.

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