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For seventeen years, we have provided guidance and counselling services for individuals, families, schools and other organizations.


Rapha Counselling Concepts was established in 2003 as a counselling outfit for young people and adults who work with young people.

The initiative emanated from the founder’s passion to assist  young people to resolve the challenges that impinge on their well- being and development with a view to helping them to achieve a smooth transition  into responsible adulthood,  and ultimately attain self-actualisation.

A team of counsellors, psychotherapists and mentors

Individual and Group Counselling Services –Services are rendered to individuals on one on one and in groups when necessary. Our Clients refer clients to us. This is an undeniable proof of our expertise and commitment to client satisfaction.

Our firm provides    guidance and counselling services for individuals, schools and other organisations.  Since its inception in 2003, the firm has satisfactorily met the guidance and counselling needs of her clients.

Our school guidance and counselling services include:

Services for Pupils/Students:


–  Study skills improvement

–  Classroom learning enhancement

–  Management of underachievers

–  Career/vocational guidance

–  Behaviour Modification – We use evidence based psychological techniques  to  help  individuals to unlearn  maladaptive behaviours and psychological disorders.  We have helped our clients to resolve challenges such as stealing, lie telling, oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), bullying, examination  malpractice, truancy and problematic behaviours such as problematic  gambling,  problematic masturbation and problematic viewing of pornography. 

– Life skills  training – Our life skills training focuses on   values and value clarification,  setting realistic  worthwhile goals, planning, decision making, time management,  assertiveness , self management skills, etc.

– Sexuality   education –  Our sexuality education programme is age and developmentally appropriate, culturally sensitive and child protection focused.  The content includes   self- awareness,  adjusting to pubertal changes, reproductive health information, relationships and consequences of choices, skills on how to avoid sexual abuse,  such as  setting body boundaries,  assertiveness skills,  decision making skills, impulse or  self-control skills, goal and  priority setting,  etc. The content is delivered in a child friendly, non explicit and non scary style by only trained professionals. 

– Personality Enhancement and Personal Growth Programme – Our personality enhancement and personal growth package is a short-medium  term counselling interaction  specifically designed to help young people to shape and enhance their evolving personality  and equip them with life skills for sustainable personal growth, so that they would live happily, enjoy a smooth transition into responsible and productive adulthood, and  actualise their potentials. Essentially, the components include mentoring, life skills training, and modification of identified problem behaviours that could inhibit the individual’s well being, development and growth. The programme is offered to individuals  in schools and in non school settings.  

Services for Teachers:

– Classroom child handling training

– How to create a positive  school/ classroom environment

– Improvement of Classroom teaching efficiency

– Teacher’s   image enhancement

–  Training on Prevention of  child sexual abuse within the school and appropriate  response.

– How to prevent substance use among young people

 Parenting Services –  training and individual counselling:

–     How to help  children to maximize their  potentials. 

–      Prevention and management of behavioural problems among children

–     how to provide sexuality education for children at different developmental stages – What do   you tell a three  year old boy or girl about  sexuality?  At what age is your son or daughter old enough to start dating?             

  • Child sexual abuse prevention within the family and community
  • Handling emergent issues in parenting – Should my eight years old have unsupervised access to the internet? Why do young people abuse substances, and how can parents prevent substance use and abuse among young people ?
  • Parent child interactional therapy ( PCIT) to help parents resolve relational problems with their children.
  • Trauma informed parenting  skills training to empower  parents to be able to help  children who  have suffered trauma. 

Individual and Group Counselling Services –Services are rendered to individuals  on one on one basis and in  groups

We have 17 years experience in working with young people and their families.
Our enthusiastic team is always here to help.
Our counselling specialists ensure you get the optimum results.

A Legacy of Innovation

We employ effective processes that help young people to thrive and actualise themselves. Rapha Counselling Concepts brings an integrated approach, years of experience and next generation resources to help young people answer tough questions regarding their development and resolve difficult psychological challenges.

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The Rapha Counselling team members are not only experts but are also committed to quality service, innovation and sustainability of results.

Whatever your aspirations, Rapha Counselling Concepts can help you to unlock your potentials for wellbeing and  growth. Get in touch today and see how we can help.

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