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Career Guidance And Counselling

Most people work 8-9 hours a day.  This implies that we spend about 70-75% of our daily active hours on work related activities. Doing a job that one does not enjoy doing could make one’s life boring and miserable and consequently, inhibit one’s enthusiasm and productivity.  Work is not only a means of earning income but also an opportunity to serve society as we express our innate potentials. We can therefore say that work is a means of self-expression.

It therefore makes a lot of sense that we carefully choose our work paths in consonance with our passions and potentials. That way, our work becomes fun and we can enjoy our work all day and lifelong.   Doing a job that you enjoy is one of the ways to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life.

This is why it is so important to us that young people are helped to set out early in life on career paths that will provide a platform for them to live a fulfilling work life.

How do we achieve this?  We help young people to discover their interests, passions and potentials and offer professional guidance to enable them identify and choose career paths that will enable them to blend and explore their passions and potentials.  This ensures that our young clients are able to excel in their fields of study and career paths because they operate within their areas of passion and potentials.   Thus, we position our young clients on the path to a productive and fulfilling work life.  Over 5,000 secondary school students have benefited from our career guidance services since 2003.

Our career guidance services involve helping our clients to explore the emerging world of careers in the 21st century as well as administration of standardized psychological tests which help young people to achieve career self-awareness by helping them to identify their potentials, interests and sources of motivation of occupational preferences so that they will be able to make informed career choices.
Our services are rendered on both individual and group bases.



Rosemary Oshiomah Ogedegbe
BA. Ed, M. Ed., Ph. D. MCASSON, (Founder&Managing Counsellor)
Balaraba John
(BA .Ed., M.Ed., MCASSON)
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