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Personal Development Counselling

Personal Development

We are proud to say that the Rapha Counselling team members are “high flyers” who are passionate about replicating their greatness in the younger generation.

At Rapha Counselling, we acknowledge that young people are new to the world and basically inexperienced about the techniques required to thrive in an ever changing and competitive society.

We have therefore made it our duty to help them understand the rudiments of survival and success so that they are positioned early enough on the path of a meaningful, relevant and fulfilling life.

In very practical ways, using our own experiences as case studies, we equip our young clients with “Life Skills”-

We show them not just how to set goals but why and how we should set worthwhile goals. Furthermore, we show them how to prioritise worthwhile goals.

We show them why and how we must plan our lives and guide them to draw their own “Career Time Lines”

We show our young clients, early in life, how to manage their resources such as time, physical and mental energy, material resources and potentials and social capital.

We teach them the role of worthwhile values, character and integrity in the pursuit of greatness.

We provide learning experiences that enable them to learn the importance of ambition, resilience, and focus on excellence, diligence, self-confidence, contentment, service orientation and faith.

Over the years, we have been able to make amazing impact on our young clients because they are able to see in our lives, the principles that we teach them.

We don’t just speak to our young clients, we mentor them to succeed.



Dr. (Mrs) Oluseyi Odewale
(M.Ed., Phd. Guidance & Counselling
Balaraba John
(BA .Ed., M.Ed., MCASSON)
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