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Educational Guidance And Counselling

Educational Counselling

We understand that learning   and academic performance are products of multiple interrelated variables which cut across the learner variables (maturation,  readiness, pre-requisite knowledge,  emotional state, attitude to learning,  motivation,  personality traits,  learning styles,  study skills, etc),  the teacher variables, the subject and the learning environment.

Our educational counsellors and psychologists are experts in the application of this in depth knowledge to help  young learners to enhance their learning and improve performance.

We provide learning experiences that positively influence  attitude to learning.

We equip our young clients with beneficial study skills that enhance comprehension, retention and recalling.

We research learners who are underachievers and design personalised interventions to help them,  not only to  improve performance but also to maximise their academic  potentials.


Market Specialists

Rosemary Oshiomah Ogedegbe
BA. Ed, M. Ed., Ph. D. MCASSON, (Founder&Managing Counsellor)
Dr. (Mrs) Oluseyi Odewale
(M.Ed., Phd. Guidance & Counselling)
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