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We help our clients to thrive in spite of their emotional or psychological challenges.

Rapha counselling Concepts brings an integrated approach, years of experience and next-generation insights to help clients.

Outstanding Expertise.

Our psychotherapists are experienced in helping children and young adults to resolve  behavioural,  emotional and social problems,  such as anxiety,

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We provide individual and group  learning experiences that equip children and young adults with knowledge that would help them to

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Most people work 8-9 hours a day.  This implies that we spend about 70-75% of our daily active hours on work related activities.

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We understand that learning   and academic performance are products of multiple interrelated variables which cut across the learner variables (maturation,  readiness, pre-requisite knowledge,

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We are proud to say that the Rapha Counselling team members are “high flyers” who are passionate about replicating their greatness in the younger generation.

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Life, they say is in stages. As young people grow, there comes a time when they begin to prepare for future family life. There are  things we could experiment with but family life is certainly not one of them.

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