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Project Overview

At Rapha Counselling Concepts, our ultimate goal is to see that young people lead healthy and happy lives,  and enjoy a smooth transition into productive and responsible adulthood.       Thankfully, we are glad to announce that over the years, we have recorded outstanding success in this regard. Through our psychotherapy  services, we have helped countless number of young people who suffered from trauma due to  adverse childhood experiences (ACEs),  such as sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, bereavement and others,   to heal and recover from trauma / Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and pursue posttraumatic growth (PTSD).


December 2017

Rosemary Oshiomah Ogedengbe

BA. Ed, M. Ed., Ph. D. MCASSON, ( Founder / Lead Counsellor)


We have helped  many others to cope with and recover from other  mental health   problems such as  depression,   phobias, social anxiety and  problem gambling.

We have   helped many young people to unlearn problematic masturbation and compulsive viewing of pornography.

We have also helped children with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) and those with bullying behaviour

We have ‘seen ‘ children who were labelled with lie telling, pilfering and laziness become sources of pride to their parents after  our experts took them through sessions of  skills training and or  psychotherapy.


We have also provided intervention for   several  children who experienced underachievement,  and we saw them   improve their academic performances and come tops in their classes after their interaction  with our educational  counsellors. 

Through our personality   enhancement  and personal growth  package,  which we dispense through our school guidance and counselling services, in over 100 schools within and outside Lagos, we have helped thousands of young people to  enhance their personalities.

Since 2003, we have provided career guidance and counselling for young people some of whom we have mentored through secondary and tertiary education levels, who are now professionals in their chosen fields and contributing their quota to societal development.


  • Over the last 21 years, we have used our parenting counselling services and publication platforms to strengthen parenting skills among the parents and guardians of our young clients while enhancing intimate parent-child relationship. 
  • We have equipped over 500 teachers with classroom child handling skills, so that they would be more effective and efficient not only in terms of impacting knowledge but also in terms of child care and child protection within the school.
  •  Through our comprehensive sexuality education  services which we dispense through schools and religious settings, we have equipped over 4,500 young people with age appropriate information about their sexual development and related challenges, to enable them make informed and  beneficial  choices about their sexuality and avoid sexual abuse.

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