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I feel sad because it seems my parents love my sister more than they love me

I feel sad because it seems my parents love my sister more than they love me May 31, 2020

Thanks for sending in your question. I can imagine how that makes you to feel. Let us look at the issue critically. Most parents love all their children equally but a parent may grow more fond of a particular child because of their good behaviour or become unhappy with a child because of their behaviour as well. This means that it is possible for your parents to be unhappy with you even though they love you.

Some of the behaviours that could make a parent to be unhappy with a child include:
* Negative attitude to work- Most parents want their children to succeed and enjoy a great future. Hence, if they observe that a child is not serious with their work, especially their studies, they become worried and afraid that the child would have a bad future. This makes them to be sad and unhappy with the child especially if they have made efforts to help the child with this behaviour and the child does not show willingness to change.

* Disregard for parents- We all want to stay around people who make us to feel important and avoid those who disrespect us. When someone treats us with disrespect, it makes us to feel that we are not worth anything before that person and that makes us to feel bad. This feeling is worse when it is someone we love, such as a friend or a family member. You can then imagine the pain when it is your own child. Some of the behaviours that show disregard for parents include passing by your parents without greeting them in the morning or when they return from somewhere, refusing to run errands for your parents or delaying on errands, talking back at your parents, watching them perform tasks that you are capable of performing without offering to help them and avoiding your chores or waiting to be reminded before doing them.

* Not yielding to corrections – Parents understand that young people will make mistakes as they grow and learn. However, it could be frustrating for parents when they try to correct a child and s/he refuses to listen or change. Besides the fact that this makes parents to feel disrespected, it makes them bother that such negative behaviours could make the child to end up badly.

In order to solve this problem, you may want to reflect on the above to see if there is anything you may have been doing that made your parents to be unhappy with you, and then talk with them about it or ask them what they are not happy about,apologise to them and let them know that you are ready to change. If it is about a habit that you have found difficult to stop or you have challenges with your school work, you can discuss with them, let them know the efforts you have made so that they can get a professional to help you.

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